Technical updates | December 2021

It’s been sometime since the release of the Dashboard (0.1) we would like to summarize our recent technical updates.

They are listed below:

Temporary website (

– Added LinkedIn profile.
– Added LinkedIn BMCC profile.
– Style changes.
– Working on new website.

Dashboard (

– Created BMCC API for charts and other Dashboard functions THIS IS FUNCTIONAL.
– Added “Live chart” in Overview section to display BMCC price.
– Added “Dev & FaaS” and “Marketing” wallets balance chart to Overview section (This makes for easy viewing and full transparency).
– Added automatic buyback scanner “Buyback history” to Overview section.
– Documentation section has a draft message (This document is being crafted to be wholesome and not a copy and paste message).
– Styling and fonts have been changed and rendered to look sleek.

Perfect TechRate audit with no major issues! Peek below:

Listed on PokeDX:
This is an up and coming site which will only feature new coins /tokens releases that have been audited and meet a certain criteria.

Created Medium account and published our first post about BMCC which gives a introduction about what we hope to do:

BSC Scan:

– Resubmitting token information to comply with new BSC Scan requirements. This will have logo updated along with social links which will make us appear more professional.

Listed on NOMICS: