Project overview

Binance Multi-Chain Capital can be described as being a Defi 3.0 solution.

What we do is bring capital back to holders through investments in L1 blockchains FaaS (Farming as a Service) projects. By partnering with the hottest up and coming, new projects we gain an advantage over the average trader who finds the project after marketing has begun. We aim to provide knowledge and know how, to up and coming developers. We focus our market research on trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The current trend of gaming and metaverse projects is all fine and dandy, but the question we ask is what’s next? We make this easy by answering you to save you the research. ZK rollups will be the next biggest cycle in the crypto markets. We will be a step ahead and bring the biggest profits back to loyal holders.

We must give credit to MCC (Multi-Chain Capital) as they started this with their brilliant idea. We however share none of the same code. We only took their initial idea and have expanded upon it whilst creating a code from scratch to harness it.

Our business model:

1. FaaS Operations:
– 1.1. Scans the FaaS landscape for the strongest yields investments.
– 1.2. Speaks to the team behind projects to determine whether investment is safe and secure.
– 1.3. Invests the BNB from Dev wallet into projects and sells the returns which is converted into LP to raise liquidity.

2. GameFi Operations:
– 2.1. Scans the Gaming landscape for the latest innovative projects that have bright ideas and wish to launch projects.
– 2.2. Conduct a thorough background check on the team involved, speak to them about the project and get general consensus.
– 2.3. Invest as a strategic partner and utilize profits to buy into yield farms and auto-compounding vaults.

We have a few more bright ideas that will become a mainstay in reducing sell pressure. We have to keep this held tightly lipped before the ideas are copied.